The Expecting Collective 

The idea for this project was created during a 2-day sprint at the 2021 Festival Of Urgent Reinventions organized by Instrument.

Addressing Black reproductive justice through pregnancy subscription boxes.

Racial disparity starts in the womb. Black women face pregnancy-related complications that usually stem from chronic stress and mental health trauma caused due to deliberate discrimination, lack of empathy, and support.
This transgenerational trauma can be combated through wellness practices.

However, access to wellness often only comes with privilege. So, we decided to re-invent a privileged practice such as pregnancy subscription boxes to bridge the wellness gap and address social isolation among Black expecting moms. 

Product Re-invention | Social Cause 


Wellness should be accessible to everyone. How can we use privileged practices to address social isolation in underserved communities?

Compared to white women, Black women are on an average:

2x as likely to experience infertility
3x more at risk for dying from pregnancy-related complications
4x as likely to lose an infant from complications related to low birth weight

This is not biological, socioeconomic, or coincidental.
This is healthcare bias and transgenerational trauma.

This transgenerational trauma can be managed through wellness practices.

But wellness often comes with privilege. How do we bridge this wellness gap among expecting moms? 

This initiative works to close the wellness gap of Black maternal-fetal health by providing wellness resources through pay-it-forward subscription boxes curated to support expecting Black moms.


Subscription boxes are the epitome of privilege and over-consumption. But it is also a medium that is extremely accessible and can help bridge this wellness gap. 

We reached our fundraising goal of $2,500 in 22 days. 

68% of our donors were women and 96% of the women were Non-Black. 

We also received product donations from Pink Stork, Basq NYC, Katherine Wintsch (author of Slay Like a Mother), and Doordash. 

We partnered with a local organization, Birth in Color RVA, and launched The Expecting Collective during Black Maternal Health Week on April 11th, 2021.  Fifty moms across two regions of Virginia received a wellness package valued at ~$120 each.