The Ask

The strategy team at Arts and Letters, an agency in Richmond, VA, asked us to write a creative brief for Ruby Tuesday, a casual dining restaurant that was dying.

The Problem

We noticed that the whole concept of a family dinner was nearing extinction. Almost as if it were an ancient lost art. 

The Strategy

We positioned Ruby Tuesday as a place where people could go back in time and experience the authentic version of a family dinner.

Step into the era of family dinners. 


 The dining table is nearing extinction.

Of the 72% Americans who grew up eating at the dining room table only 48% still eat there today. Dining tables have been converted into study tables and alternate storage spaces. 

We eat way too often in front of the television. We mostly use our dining room table for homeschooling projects.


We use our dining table for storage. It's awful! 

Neely Moldovan

Growing America survey, 2019

'Zombie eating' is taking over family dinners!

Although many families may have dinner together, they eat facing a screen. 

Dinner as nostalgia
  • Dinner was had at the table

  • Sharing about your day

  • Dinner time was 30-40 mins 

  • Dinner was where family happened

Dinner as reality 
  • Dinner is had on the couch, kitchen or bedroom.

  • Sharing memes

  • Dinner time is 5-10 mins

  • Dinner is where Netflix & Instagram happen


But for most parents, quality time meant spending time with their family without the presence of a screen.

“Quality time is anything me and my family do together that we all give 100 percent of our attention to what we are doing. There is no internet, games, or phones just memories being made. Like say going to the museum or the zoo.”

35 year old mom

“Quality time with family means just the 3 of us being together and doing activities together (not watching TV). The most rewarding are educational or A-HA moments my daughter has with us - we love seeing the look of excitement and wonder on her face and asking a million questions.”

40 year old mom

Mintel- Lifestyles of young families 2019


Parents considered family time more rewarding if it broadened their kid's horizons. 

So why not teach them the lost art of a family dinner? 

The restaurant setting, menu, serving sizes, and the services at Ruby Tuesday are designed by keeping family dinners at the heart of everything. It's a perfect place for families that need a break from their busy schedules to go back in time and experience the authentic version of a family dinner. 


Show that dinners at Ruby Tuesday are like a trip to the past that keeps the ancient art of the family dinner alive.


Step into the era of family dinners


Your inbox is flooded with emails and your meetings ran too late 

You picked your kids from baseball practice only to drop them off for piano lessons 

Dinner happened somewhere on the way 

The dinner table is set 

Set for the kids to do their homework or store your new glassware 

Who remembers having dinner there? 

A bygone practice. An ancient lost art 

Dinner was 

Where stories were told, not posted on Instagram 

Where the food was fresh, not fast 

Where you sat facing each other, not facing a screen 

Dinner was where family happened 

Ruby Tuesday, step into the era of family dinners 


My Role 

Researched the casual-dining category

Created the food fashion pendulum

Independently wrote the strategy line and brand manifesto

Best of Times

We had decided to have our group meeting at Ruby Tuesday, but with the family atmosphere there, we ended up not getting any work done, but bonding over garden salads and great conversations. It almost felt like an escape to another era. 

Dream Team

Payal Pereira, ST

Hunter Mott, ST 

Allison Schneider, ST