This character was inspired by my 84-year old grandmother, Nana Romola.

She's 4' 2'' and is one of the coolest people I know. 

Although she grumbles about what the world has come to and compares it to the times when she was young, she accepts the reality and keeps up with the current trends. 

The series of raps below are dedicated to her. 


As I sat alone by the beach, 

There came a man who wanted to preach 

I thought it was the word of God 

Instead, he handed me some pot 


And said 

"We have a need to legalize the weed 

To relax and respect Bob Marley 

To free the mind and free the soul 

To free the leaf and gain control. 

Some people may abuse the grass 

But so do they with cheese hot dogs 

Weed ain't harmful let's be frank 

Even Snoop Dog doesn't need an oxygen tank 

The most harm that it can ever cause 

Is getting caught with, it so let's break the law 

It's time to end this war on marijuana 

Let's light this joint, I know you wanna?" 

My oh my my what's the world coming to 

This is Lil Nana just sharing her view. 


My granddaughter turned thirty 

I said stop being flirty 

It's time to get married to a nice boy 

But she said, "Nana! I'm living with Roy! 

It's my right to life, not a criminal offense 

Even the law is in my defense 

It's not a sin to have sex before marriage 

Sorry to shatter your dreams of me in a carriage 


Relationships are a private matter 

They don't need no validation at an alter 

For those who think it's a huge taboo 

I don't care so just, screw you!" 


My oh my what's the world coming to 

This is Lil Nana just sharing her view! 


This self-obsessed age 

Has reached a stage 

Where every moment of their life is recorded 

Posing, pouting, their faces tilting 

Arms stretched out, they start clicking 


Gone are the days of saying cheese 

Coz it's the age of taking selfies 

Click, filter, caption, post 

A picture with their chicken roast 

Click, filter, caption, post 

Another day, the same old pose 

I tried to do it when I was alone 

But I just ended up breaking my phone 


My oh my what's the world coming to 

This is Lil Nana just sharing her view!