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The TaskRabbit of funeral services.

Have you ever thought about who’s going to give you your last shave? Who's going to put on your makeup the way you like it for the last time?

For decades, funeral homes have been taking over these responsibilities, making the funeral process impersonal. By reflecting on ancient death care practices and the modern death positive movement, I redesigned the funeral experience by creating a service called Fin. It connects a network of death doulas to families of the deceased, helping them care for their loved ones in the comfort of their home, making funerals more personal and accessible.

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Death is dictated by dogma.

The major part of a typical funeral today is remarkably similar to one from 50 years ago. Yet, the average cost of a funeral is $8000. 


Death is natural but discussing it is not. 

Death is probably the only rite of passage around which we have become so passive. 
People are most likely to choose convenience and outsourcing because of their aversion to knowing and seeing too much. 


Funeral homes disguise death instead of helping people process it. 


Funeral homes are quick to whisk away the body before people have a chance to process the death. There, the body also gets washed and dressed for the last time by a stranger who has no idea about the life someone lived. 

“Remember how Grandma was very conscious of her makeup, and then we went to the funeral home and we all took one look at her we were like NO! This isn’t right.” - Allison 

The funeral process should be personal & accessible. It isn't. 


Funeral Homes were only established during the Civil War in order to preserve the bodies of soldiers.


Before the Civil War, Americans cared for their dead at home and this process is now making a comeback. 


The Death Positivity movement 

An aging immigrant population 

Spiritual > Religious 

  • An increasing population of Death Doulas and Home Funeral Guides help people care for the dead


  • 7.3 million people in the United States are 65 years and older and foreign-born

  • 4 out of 10 older foreign-born were from Latin America; 3 out of 10 from Asia

Source -

  • Over 10% of Americans identify as Atheists and Religion agnostic

  • Americans may be getting less religious, but feelings of spirituality are on the rise

Source - 
Pew Research Center 

Fin. is an organization that assists families to care for their loved one's after death by having their funeral in the comfort of their home. The family is more involved and the experience is argued to be far more personal, and accessible. 


Fin. will have a two-sided marketplace with death doulas and home funeral guides on one side and the families on the other. 
There is no organization that employs Home Funeral Guides so it's hard for them to find clients. With Fin. they get connected to a network of families easily whom they can assist with home funerals. 

Doulas / Home Funeral Guides 

Families of Deceased 

Click here to check out the Figma prototype 


An educational resource hub with videos, stories for users to learn more about the legalities and procedures followed during a home funeral. 


Based on people’s needs and comfort levels we adjust our level of service so that they can maintain control over their involvement in the process and also have enough peace of mind.

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“I hope this comes to market so that we can create a meaningful new family ritual.” 

- Geeta, 65, Indian Immigrant

Home Funeral Guide / Doula

“We don’t want to be another funeral commodity because we’re passionate about the work. So not making this commercial is a good idea."

- Heidi, Home Funeral Guide for 35 years  

Funeral Home Director

“ I am one of the more liberal funeral directors out there. I love this concept. I’d love to partner with Fin. in the future.”  


- Julie, Funeral Director, RVA 

Show people how caring for the dead naturally will help them accept death naturally.

Educate Naturally

Educate them in their natural environments about how unnatural funerals are today. 

Participate Naturally

Show them the benefits of preparing for a home funeral in spaces where they have begun to think about death. Place these death positive cards at hospice homes and hospitals so that they are able to have more open conversations about death. 

Advocate Naturally

Continue the conversation about natural death care openly.



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