How my left and my right brain agreed to get on the same page.

The engineer in me loved finding problems that were often overlooked. But, I wanted to solve these problems in ways that didn't involve writing code. My right brain convinced me that I could do the same by writing copy instead. That's when I took my first sip of the advertising Kool-Aid.

Although I loved writing, my logical left brain wasn't satisfied. I remember noticing how strategists went around asking weird questions that sometimes turned into therapy sessions. I was intrigued by the way strategy made everything so human by asking the right questions instead of looking for the right answers.

Both my right and my left brain finally agreed that becoming a strategist was the way to go.

As a strategist, I take problem finding very seriously, even if it involves :

  • Learning how to read Tarot cards to find people's deepest darkest fears

  • Going on bad dates with people of opposing political beliefs to understand their point of view

  • Learning a whole new language so that I can have meaningful conversations with strangers in a new city 


My creative side helps me ask better questions, and my critical side keeps it in check. 

Accounts I've had the privilege to work on: